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Welcome to DOABA Public School :

The School seeks to help children develop in such a way that they not only achieve sucess for themselves but are the source of happiness and pride for the family, locality, School and town. It is the goal of the institution to bring about on all round development in children and channelise their energies for excellence in every field. We have a proud tradition of an educational process that is known to develop in students, an ability to think on their feet, express themselves in confident and lucid manner and develop a trust and confidence on their own abilities.

The School has always endeavoured to provide students a launchpad so they can not only achieve their goals but exceed their own expectations by being the best.

S.Balwant Singh Founder of Doaba Public School

needs no inrtoduction.An educationist and an able administrator of vision and initiative, Unfortunately, he has left his guide lines and spirit of hard work and devotion to duty to inspire others. making his debut as a brilliant and devoted teacher S. Balwant Singh rose to the post of the principal of Doaba Public School. He served the institutions for seventeen years with high credits. It would be no exaggeration to say that under his capable supervision and patronage, the school scaled enviable heights in academic, sports and co-curricular fields. His endless efforts created an institution catering to the physical and moral development of the young, impressionable children. The School has its own building and a sprawling campus.


Principal Message :

Today education is one of the important aspects of our life. The demands and problms of our life. The demands and problems of modern life have convinced many parents that the finest and everlasting gift they can give to their children is good education. It holds the key to the development and progress in every spere of our existence, education fosters growth, Social equity and technological progress. It build character. Education shares one's destiny. I am aware of the fact that choosing the right school is a crucial decision for parents. It is natural for any parents to look at a place where the child's mental, physical and emotional faculties are nurtured in a proper way. I think this prospectus will give you basic information and impression will give you basic information and impression of Doaba Public School so special and distinctive in its character that you would be able to choose right school for your ward. I assure you that this institution will provide hard athe perfect setting and strive hard for creating and atmosphere for learning with pleasure. It will also produce the best, well rounded students who will keep the "DPS" flag flying high. I seek your best wishes and support in all my endeavours.